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Academic Affairs (Academics)

At Hampshire you’ll take responsibility for your education, customize your curriculum, and move beyond boundaries of disciplines and departments. We call this your academic concentration. It puts the emphasis on learning, not on teaching.

Admissions Office

As a student at Hampshire, you will join a diverse community who thirst for meaningful education, want authentic assessment beyond grades, seek to pose compelling questions, and want to collaborate with faculty and peers.

American Sign Language Collective (ASL Collective)

The American Sign Language Collective is a group of students dedicated to learning about American Sign Language, Deaf culture, the Deaf community, and Deaf history.

Animal Behavior Club (ABC)

To coordinate and provide a venue for the animal behavior community at Hampshire.

Anime Club

Anime Club provides a community space for fans to gather and watch screenings of anime every week!

Art Zone!

Art Zone! is safe space for students to make art in a group setting! Come make art, learn to make crafts, and watch movies/ listen to music!


BLACAPPELLA is Hampshire’s only a cappella group exclusively for students of color, centering the musical and cultural history of Black folks.

Blacksmith's Guild

The Blacksmiths' Guild is a collective of Hampshire students with an interest in learning about and teaching how to forge iron. We are a group geared towards beginners but are open to giving advice and working with more advanced blacksmiths.

Bon Appetit

Hampshire College is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to faculty, staff, students, and guests. Our services include buffet meals, receptions, coffee/snack breaks, and a la carte menu options.

Campus Leadership & Activities (CLA)

Campus leadership and activities is your office of student activities and programs. We are committed to supporting students as they endeavor to create student groups, plan programs, lead campaigns, and build community at Hampshire College.

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